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Black & White Coffee Cartel - Marshland

General Information

436 Prestons Road

03 377 0839

At Black and White Coffee Cartel Marshland we offer our own unique blend of on-site freshly roasted coffee with a range of food options
Notes for Cardholders

"Here at the Black and White Coffee Cartel, we are determined to make all of our customers feel
welcome and have a positive experience at any location. We acknowledge that our disabled customers
potentially face some barriers that we could help them overcome. Your server will have specific training
around those barriers and what they can do to proactively make a difference. We can also understand
that having a disability often means extra living expenses, and not being to flash with cash. For that
reason, we’re giving you 10% off hot drinks. How sweet is that!"

Standing and Queuing
Who likes queuing, but for those who find this an actual problem then we are happy to come to you to take your order. Just make sure we know that you are there
Level Access
Our store is wheelchair accessible. If the front door isn't open and you are waiting at the door one of our team will come and open the door for you. There is parking nearby in the closely located carpark area, check out the access tour at the bottom of the page for more information.
Our store is located within a short walk from the carpark, there is accessible parking outside our building and a bus stop nearby. Please see the access tour for more information!
Urgent Toilet Access
There is complete access to toilets including disability friendly toilets. Please check out the access tour for more information. If all of our bathrooms are occupied we will prioritise you to make sure you are next
Disability Assist Dogs
We love dogs, and have water bowls available. Registered assistance dogs are welcome inside our store
Essential Companions
We appreciate that your companion may not be wanting to purchase a drink, or something to eat. We are good with that, we think they will crack when they see the cabinet and smell those wonderful aromas, but if they have the will power then that’s all good with us
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
Our drinks and food menus are written, and so is the description of the items in the cabinet. However, your server is more than happy to assist in explaining what we can offer, and they know you may need just a bit of extra time to decide what you want. Remember, if it is easier we can come to you at the table just let us know you want that.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
We are not in the position to offer sign language, but your server will be happy to spend the time needed with you so that you get what you want. Remember, if it is easier we can come to you at the table
Hidden Disabilities
We understand that the icons on the card don’t cover every accessible barrier and so when we see this icon on a card we will ask how we can make your visit to our store a great one
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