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Fully Certified

Coffee Culture Ashburton

General Information

50 South Street, Ashburton 7700

03 307 9944 | TEXTPRESSO 027 282 9944

Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change


Our Ashburton store, on the corner of Cass and South Street is a beautiful store with the same super friendly service, delicious food, and fantastic coffee the energetic team are passionate about top notch service, so whether you're on for a quick coffee on the run, a relaxing lunch, afternoon break, or after dinner treat they've got you covered! We're open till 9pm everyday so we look forward to seeing you in store soon.
Notes for Cardholders

At Coffee Culture Ashburton we want all our customers to feel welcome and receive excellent service. We realize that our disabled customers face some barriers that we can help them overcome. Your server will have specific training around those barriers and what they can proactively do to make a difference. We also realize that having a disability often means extra living expenses, and not being so flush with cash. So just present your Hāpai Access Card and we will give you 10% off hot drinks.

Standing and Queuing
Who likes queuing, but for those who find this an actual problem then we are happy to come to you to take your order. Just make sure we know that you are there.
Level Access
Our store is wheelchair accessible. If the front door isn't open and you are waiting at the door, one of our team will open the door for you. There are Accessible Carparks in front of the Store.
Our store is located within a short walk from the carpark; there is accessible parking outside our building.
Urgent Toilet Access
We have one accessible toilet and two standard toilets available. If they are occupied, we'll make sure to prioritise you so that you're next in line.
Disability Assist Dogs
We comply with the NZ law with respect to Disability Assistance Dogs. The staff will offer you water for your dog and will indicate the nearest place for the dog to relieve itself.
Essential Companions
We appreciate that your companion may want to avoid purchasing a drink or something to eat. We are good with that; we think they will crack when they see the cabinet and smell those beautiful aromas, but if they have the will power, then that’s all good with us.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
Through the staff's training with the Hāpai Access Card, they are aware of how they can modify how they communicate with you and how they can assist you if you are blind, low vision. This includes discussing prices with you or guiding you to a table or toilet or around the building.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
Through the training that the staff have done with the Hāpai Access Card, they are aware of how they can modify how they communicate with you. This includes making sure you can see their face when speaking, speaking clearly, use of pen and paper and being patient. The staff are aware of the NZ Relay service, so please use this if you think it appropriate when ringing if needed.
Hidden Disabilities
hough the training the staff has done, they are generally aware of hidden disabilities. Please speak to them about how they can assist in making your time with us great
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