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Linwood Library

General Information

First Floor, Eastgate Mall, Buckleys Road, Christchurch 8062

03 941 7923

Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change

At Linwood Library / Te Kete Wānanga o Ihutai and Service Centre we’re all about connecting people, inspiring discovery, and enriching communities. We’re here for everyone. Access the library using stairs near the food court, the escalator near the main entrance or the lift by Postie Plus on the ground floor of Eastgate Shopping Centre. Membership is free and nearly all of our collections are free to borrow. We offer an array of services, spaces to connect, a wide range of programmes and events for all ages and interests to meet new friends and play. Access to the latest tech including 3D printing, gaming, and virtual reality, scanning, printing, and photocopying facilities. Free Wi-Fi available, 17 public computers with free internet access, and exhibition spaces for local artists to display their work. Enjoy free access to eBooks, eMagazines, eAudiobooks, music, streaming video, online research, newspapers, online learning and more. Membership is free for both Christchurch city residents and youth subscription memberships in adjacent council districts. Out of district membership subscriptions are also available. With your membership, you can borrow items from any of our 20 libraries and use our digital resources online
Notes for Cardholders

We can offer concession memberships to Hāpai Access Card Holders which include extended borrowing times and waiving of usual fees associated with our Audio-Visual collections: DVDs, CDS and Talking Book items and certain items for hold requests. We also have an allocated accessibility computer which has easy to change options depending on the barriers for the card holder.

Standing and Queuing
Linwood Library and Service Centre is furnished to support customers who have trouble walking or standing within our facility. Carparking is available directly outside the shopping center doors so walking and the use of either elevators or the escalator is required to reach us. We have a variety of seating dotted all over the library that we encourage you to utilise during your visit. If you require assistance from our staff and there is a queue, we can either request another staff member to assist to limit your wait time or offer you to sit nearby while retaining your place in the queue. We are more than happy to assist you with your inquiry seated, rather than at the counter if it is easier for you. When attending a program at our library, we will make sure that you have a comfortable seat for the duration.
Level Access
Our library is accessible for those who use wheelchairs. There are 14 wheelchair parks directly outside the Eastgate Shopping Centre. Access to the second floor for wheelchair users to the library is via a lift by Postie Plus on the ground floor and there are two wheelchairs available from Mall Management on request. Our staff are also very wary about impediments that could obscure access, so walkways and spaces throughout the library are purposefully wide and free from clutter to encourage easy accessibility for all users. The majority of our resources are wheelchair accessible, and our approachable staff are on hand to help you with retrieving items if you want assistance. If you are coming to the library with an inquiry, we have adjustable desks that we can lower to wheelchair level. In the event of an emergency, we have a wheelchair-accessible fire exit and equipment with trained staff who will assist you to get out of the building. Library staff are used to helping those with a disability get the most out of their visit but if you have any more concerns, please call in.
Linwood Library offers assistance by strategically placing furniture around the library to minimize travel for customers that have difficulty with distances. Staff will also describe the location of specific resources and facilities, or if you prefer to sit the staff will retrieve what you need from our shelves and suggest alternative opt that best fir customer convenience.
Urgent Toilet Access
For customers that may need urgent access to the toilet, we have no toilets onsite but public toilets are near the entrance to the library by the Mall Management office. Linwood Library and Service Centre staff will direct you to the location of the facilities and enable urgent access to any toilet with no questions asked. There is seating areas and tables situated nearby to the amenities which you are welcome to utilise.
Disability Assist Dogs
Linwood Library and Service Centre allows and welcomes assistance dogs to accompany their owner into our facility. If your dog is thirsty, please let us know and we would be more than happy to provide a bowl of water. Dogs that are not trained as assistance dogs are not permitted in the library to prevent interference with assistance dogs. Our staff will let you know the most appropriate place for the dog to go to the toilet
Essential Companions
Our libraries are free to visit, and it is free for members to borrow items. For those of you who require companionship for assistance in our library, rest assured you both are more than welcome. Our friendly staff will be on hand to assist you with anything you may need including a quiet space to sit or directions around the library. If you are attending a paid or booked in programme, your +1 is permitted to attend with you to assist you.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
Customers who have difficulty with visual information are more than welcome in our libraries- and we have resources for you to utilise. Our staff will be on hand to verbally describe the layout of the library to you and come around the library with you if you would like. We will always ensure that there are no obstacles or tripping hazards around the library. We can offer assistance finding resources around the library. Resources could include books (including our Large Print collection), Audiobooks (Play aways and CDs), DVDs and our online resources which include audiobooks, movies, tutorials etc. The libraries also offer free access to WIFI and public computers where you can access the internet. Our job seeker PC is equipped with functions which has easy to change options depending on the visual barriers for the customer. Our staff will be happy to assist by orienting you to the signs in the building and helping you understand written material such as the brochures about our programs, classes and events. If the welcome desk is too busy for you to concentrate let us know and we will find somewhere quieter.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
Linwood Library and Service Centre is prepared to assist those with difficulty with audible information. Please make yourself known to our staff on arrival, and we will do what we can to assist you. Several of our staff are trained in basic NZ Sign Language. When we talk to you, we will look at you and speak at a pace that you are comfortable with. We will slow down and speak clearer, enunciating and at a higher volume if we see it is required with you to hear or lip read. There is visual information available for wayfinding, brochures about our programs, classes and events are located throughout the library at the service. Staff can offer you pen and paper and communicate with you through writing and reading if required. We have several quieter areas in the library that you can utilise if it is easier for you to process audible information in a less busy atmosphere.
Hidden Disabilities
The staff at the library are specifically trained around accessing and coming up with solutions to your needs and are happy to support you. Our staff will ask you what we can do to help and will follow your lead. We are more than happy to assist you, so please tell us anything that we need to be aware of to ensure you have the best possible experience in our library.
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