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Riccarton House and Bush

General Information

16 Kahu Road, Fendalton, Christchurch 8041

03 341 1018

Riccarton House comprises 7 hectares of native bush, 6 hectares of English style garden and 2 residential buildings. Deans cottage, built in 1843, is the oldest residential building in Canterbury. Riccarton House is now used for guided tours, functions and a day time café. The Grounds are also home to the Christchurch Farmers Market each Saturday morning.
Notes for Cardholders

When taking a guided tour of Riccarton House an essential companion/carer, as shown on the +1 icon on the card, will go free. Please note that the essential companion/carer is expected to assist the cardholder and remain with them throughout the tour.

We will also offer the senior rate for cardholders. Please call us in advance to book.

Standing and Queuing
For the cafe, there is no need to queue as our wait staff are roving and they will come and serve you at your table.
Level Access
There is wheel chair access to the café and we have an accessible toilet that is open when the café is open. If you are unsure about navigating your way between tables in the cafe our staff will be happy to assist you. Access to the house is via the shared cycle-way and across the driveway and up the ramp.
There are no great distances to be covered within the house or the bush walks (900m max) and there is seating in the house and throughout the grounds. We have an designated accessible car park in the parking area and access to the house is via the shared cycleway and across the driveway and up the ramp, a distance of about 60m. You are able to text/message an order through to us for drinks. The message will be responded to with an approximate wait time. We can bring the order outside but only to the seating area. We cannot deliver to the carpark.
Urgent Toilet Access
We don't usually have queues at our toilets, but if there is let the staff know and they will help you get access next.
Disability Assist Dogs
Registered assistance dogs are welcome and please let us know if they need a drinking bowl. Dog poo can be disposed of in any of the bins with the closest one being near the outside toilets.
Essential Companions
If booking a Guided Tour of the house an essential companion/carer will not be charged. It is expected that they will assist you and remain with you throughout the tour.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
We can talk a customer through the menu. We are also able to give a verbal explanation of where the toilets are and what to do in the case of emergency.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
The cafe has a written menu and there is signage in the House and Bush Walks. To assist in communications we can offer you pen and paper, but the staff where possible will face you directly in order to aid lip reading and will enunciate their words. The staff will be happy to repeat themselves and will be patient so please don't feel under pressure. If booking a tour please let us know about this icon and we will inform the tour guide so that they can make greater use of physical gestures and face you where possible when speaking. There are also whisper headsets available.
Hidden Disabilities
Upon seeing this icon we will ask how we can help you. Where possible we will make accommodations so that you enjoy the best time possible while at Riccarton Bush.
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