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Sarah Pallett - Mp for Ilam Office

General Information

Shop 5/376 Ilam Road, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch 8053

0800 727 244

Member Of Parliament for Ilam
Notes for Cardholders

We are eager to be an open space that embraces the disabled community in Ilam. We want to advocate for you and get to know you!

Standing and Queuing
There won't be any need to queue in our office, when you come in make we will greet you and offer you a seat.
Level Access
Our doors are push doors, but we will see you at the door and come and open it for you if you are by yourself. There is enough room in our office for you to move around and we will ensure there are no obstacles blocking your way. Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer you use of our bathroom for security reasons.
We are based in a small mall space with a large carpark with accessible parking so it is not a long walk to our office if you are driving. There is also a bus stop just outside the mall area on Clyde Road.
Urgent Toilet Access
Unfortunately due to security reasons we are unable to offer our bathroom to any member of the public. We recommend heading to one of the other stores in the mall.
Disability Assist Dogs
We can absolutely cater to assistance dogs. We will offer them a bowl of water.
Essential Companions
Your essential companion is more than welcome.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
We will endeavour to take the time to sit down and communicate clearly with you. For any information that is on paper, a flyer etc we will read it out loud to you.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
If you struggle to access audible information, we are happy to spend the time needed for you to understand, we will write things down if need be.
Hidden Disabilities
We understand that the icons on the card don’t cover every accessible barrier and so when we see this icon on a card we will ask how we can make your time with us a great one.
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