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Fully Certified

Selwyn Aquatic Centre

General Information

71 Broadlands Drive

(+64 3 347 2734)

Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change

The Centre has five pools: New Pool - 25m pool with ten lanes, 1.4m to 2m deep and ramp access available (27.5 degrees) Programme pool - 20m pool with ten lanes, 0.9m to 1.6m. (31 degrees) Hydrotherapy pool - 1.2m to 1.8m deep, ramp access available with attached spa (35 degrees, spa 36 degrees) Learn to swim pool - .65m to .90m (32 degrees) Leisure pool with a lazy river and toddlers area attached (32 degrees)
Notes for Cardholders

We are pleased to offer the same discount to cardholders as the Community Services card. Please see our website for more information.

Standing and Queuing
We can get busy at reception so if there is a queue please let us know you have this icon on your card by either coming to the front of the queue holding you card up . Th staff will find you a place to sit while your turn comes up. Let us know if you are sensitive to crowds and noise and we will look to find a quieter place for you to wait.
Level Access
The Aquatic Centre has been built with our disabled customers in mind so please ask the pool attendants if you need any assistance. We have water wheel chairs available plus ramp access to all pools.. For access to the spa we have a hoist. We have 3 accessible changing rooms with a hoist - please ask for the key at reception as these can only be used by people trained to use the hoist.
We are happy to assist customers from poolside or change rooms into pools where required. We can offer you a wheelchair to use while at the pools and can push you to the changing rooms. Please notify poolside staff if you require assistance. There are water wheel chairs available if that help you access the pools, each one of the five have ramp access.
Urgent Toilet Access
We have a toilet in the reception area and multiple accessible toilets and standard toilets in the changing areas. Three of the accessible toilets have hoists and shower facilities.
Disability Assist Dogs
We welcome NZ Government registered assistance dogs, but not other types. If you are going to use the pools regularly you might like to ask for a building familiarisation session. Our staff are happy to assist with directing you through the facility and showing you the rest area for assistance dog. Please ask for assistance from any of the pool attendants. We can provide a drinking bowl and there are places around the outside of the building where the dog can relieve itself.
Essential Companions
Where you need a support person to enjoy your time at the Aquatic Centre we are happy to provide that person complimentary entry so that they can provide support. The pool side staff are available to assist, but it is assumed that they will only provide temporary assistance, as they must be able to supervise the pools.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
If you are going to use the pools regularly you might like to ask for a building familiarisation session. We can offer assistance and guidance to the changing areas, to the poolside and entry into pools as well as explaining surroundings and notifying other users (eg lane swimming).
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
The Aquatic Centre staff are very happy to take the time to make sure that you have the information that you need to enjoy your time with us. We have limited NZSL trained staff, but please let us know if that would be helpful. Please let the pool side staff know that you have this barrier so they know to communicate with you appropriately if they need to issue any instructions. There is a hearing loop system which the staff will assist you in connecting to.
Hidden Disabilities
We will seek clarity as to your needs and work towards meeting them.
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