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Before you apply

If you are new to the card then we suggest you go to Introducing the Hāpai Access Card. There you will find a description of the card scheme and a link to the page about the icons used on the card. Please read the Guidance Notes and make sure to give full descriptive answers about your access needs.

Check the information below - 'How to Apply',  'Making the online application', 'Getting an acceptable photograph' and 'Payment'

Here is a full set of Terms & Conditions for you to read.

You may wish to consider having a lanyard and plastic wallet for the card.  Details are here.

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How to apply

We are here to help you, so if you have any difficulty with making an application please call us or complete a contact form and will will call you.


To make an application you need:

The supporting evidence about your access needs. These are things like evidence of payments for disabilities such as letter from MSD, a letter from your doctor or the NGO who supports you in the community.  If you have a Needs Assessment from your Needs Assessment Service Coordination (NASC) service, that will help us a lot. 


Check out our registered partner NGOs to see if there is one that is listed that knows.  If you find one they can help simplify your application through providing a Verification of Disability and Barriers (VDB)Form.  The VDB Form is all the supporting evidence you will need for your application.


Scan the documents as a single PDF file. If you need help scanning, please visit your local library. They can help with this. 

A passport type photo (see the information below)


Making the online application

There are three pages on the form:

Page 1:  Complete your contact details*.  If you are applying on behalf of someone provide the contact    details where information about the progress of the application and future communications can be sent. 

Page 2: Brief explanations for the applicant's barriers

Page 3: Upload the documents and a photo. Each upload button will hold only one document. 

Box 1 - Your supporting evidence or any documents from medical professionals 

Box 2 - Your ID such as a passport or drivers license

Box 3 - a photo of the applicant

Box 4 - a photo of validated Kiwiable Card (if you have)

Press "submit"

Getting an acceptable photograph

Most smart phones are able to take a good enough photo.  We are looking for a photo that shows the head and shoulders on a light background. 

We recommend you to leave some spaces above the head for adjustment. 



There are three options to pay. If you'd prefer to pay by internet banking or cash, close the browser. The application is stored safely. 

  •  Stripe, Credit/Debit Card - this is the last step in the online application.


  •  Bank transfer to Westpac Bank 

    • Account Name:  Hāpai Foundation 

    • Account 03 0767 0054960 017 (Westpac) - please note the applicant's name as particular, the family name as a reference


  •  Cash at our office: 21 Lodestar Avenue, Wigram, Christchurch​ (Mon - Fri 10 am - 3 pm) 

Please make an appointment before you come into the building. ​

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