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Getting Your Staff Skilled Up


Please complete the request form below and we will be in touch with more information with respect to the options you select.

There are two training options:


  1. Staff Card and Icon Training - this gives individual staff staff access to an online course which covers the card and the icons, plus includes additional material for those who want to go deeper.  Available to access via computer or Smart phone. There is a test at the end with a certificate upon passing, plus a pdf of the icon descriptions and business responses.  Progress is monitored by an online instructor who is also available to answer questions. Cost: NZ$12.50 plus GST per staff member.

  2. Champion Training - Experience has shown that for medium to large businesses the best way to get training embedded is by having a champion.  The team will work with your business to build an individual learning plan for the champion which will take into account their existing knowledge.  Cost: Based on learning plan which may include courses provided by other organisations.

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