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Registered NGOs Supporting Applications

How to register to validate disabilities and barriers?  


To be registered to validate barriers that a person faces in the community, we need to be confident that an established organisation is qualified. You need to be able to certify that the person is disabled and competently select which of the nine barriers apply to the applicant.


How to register?


An NGO, trust or medical organisation can request to be registered with the Hāpai Foundation to support a client in making an application. This request can be made by emailing with a registration enquiry, and we will follow up with a phone call, information and next steps.  


Registered organisations agree that:

  • ​Any staff member completing the form has read the information on the Guidance page. (this is the one we are adapting)

  • The staff member is competent to assess the applicant for barriers and is able to complete the form online. 

  • A designated manager is formally assigned to confirm the barriers on the applications.  This process protects the integrity of the card and ensures the organisation’s validation.    

  • The organisation will cooperate with any request by the Hāpai Foundation to audit the process and applications.

Other information

  • The Hāpai Foundation does not require disclosure of medical information, and we specifically request that no such information is passed to us.

  • Registered organisations will be issued with an authorisation code to use on the form. 

  • The Hāpai Foundation may be able to assist some applicants with their $30 plus GST application fee, based on individual circumstances. The Hāpai Foundation will give a promo code to organisations to facilitate this.

The process to complete the form: 


Step 1 

The staff member completes the Validation of Disability and Barriers form online, including their authorisation code, and a promo code, if appropriate.  

Step 2

If the applicant is submitting the Hāpai Access Card application themselves, provide them with a completed electronic copy of the "Validation of Disability and Barriers" document.  (Download here)

If your organisation is completing the Hāpai Access Card application on behalf of their client,  please contact your NGO. 


Step 3

Upload a photo of the individual with the card (see information below).

Photos for the card


The card provides a valid form of photo ID for a person with a disability. The organisation can help with getting the photo right by assisting with getting an appropriate photo.  

HOT TIP - Free conversion of a photo to passport size: go to persofoto to upload a photo for conversion to a passport-sized one.   

Please feel free to ask any questions or go to our FAQ webpage. If you have problems, email cards@hā or alternatively, go to the contact page and fill out the callback form and we will assist you.

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