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List of registered organisations to verify disability and barriers.

The following organisations have registered with us and can complete the Verification of Disability and Barriers (VDB) Form so that you can get your Hāpai Access Card.  

Some offer to only complete a form for patients or residents in their service. For other organisations, it is if you are within the sector of the disability community they serve.  


This form completion is a service the organisation offers based on the availability of their staff. Some organisations are regionally based, and in this case, the service may be limited to Canterbury at this stage. 

Other options

The alternative to getting the form completed by a registered NGO is to go to your GP, who may charge for the service.  If a GP is not an option, call the office on (03) 595 0577 and speak to one of the support team members who will advise you to apply.

Registered organisations that will fill in the form if you are associated with the organisation:


Aspire Canterbury

Cancer Society - Christchurch

CCS Disability(Canterbury)

Chris Ruth Centre 

Helen Anderson Trust

Huntington's Disease Association (Auckland) Inc.

Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust


NZ Care Group

New Zealand Spinal Trust  (Christchurch)

ME & CFS Canterbury

Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Society Canterbury

Muscular Dystrophy New Zealand


Florence Nightingale Agency

Deaf Aotearoa

Purapura Whetu

Tangata Atumotu

Vaka Tautua

Allenvale School

Ferndale School

Waitaha School

Blind Low vision

Autism NZ

Enabling Good Lives

The Loft

The Champion Centre

Registered organisations that only do residents or patients of the service:

Adult Community Therapy Service & Community Stroke Rehab Service, CDHB - patients only

Brackenridge - residents only

Changing Lives NZ Ltd - residents only

Claddagh Haven Trust - residents only

Hawksbury Community Living Trust - residents only

Hōhepa Canterbury - residents only

Pediatric Department CDHB - patients only

Pukeko Blue Ltd - residents only

Donaldson Residential Trust

Insight NZ

Idea Services

Chris Ruth Centre

Halswell Residential Trust

St John of God

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