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Fully Certified

Abi's Natural Horsemanship and Riding School

General Information

Court Road

027 649 4685

Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change

"Do you want to learn new skills, interact with animals, do an outdoor activity as well as increase your life skills? We are all about connection, respect, trust and building a unique connection with The Horse as well as anyone who walks through our gates, not just riding horses and ponies. We use Natural Horsemanship or horse whispering techniques in all we do giving the horse or pony a choice about whether they would like to be with us. Our lessons involve teaching on safety, ground as well as ridden skills with an emphasis placed on the safety of others and ourselves particularly when in a group situation. There is no requirement to ride with lots to learn on the ground to build up your horse handling skills. There are many personal benefits with this method of being around them some of which are increased decision making skills, confidence and building a partnership which is beneficial to both parties i.e. the horse and you.Lessons as well as horse training make up the bulk of what we do however there are more options on offer such as the Journey to the Hills Adventure, Added Value Livery (Short term), Sponsor a Horse/Pony, School Holiday programmes and more to choose from.For more information head to our website or get in touch.Catch up with the latest on our Facebook and Google Business pages.We look forward to meeting you and enhancing your experience of horses and ponies."
Notes for Cardholders

"We endeavor to treat everyone as an individual catering as best as we can to your needs forming a partnership with you to get the best out of your time with us. We have a range of horses and ponies who are different ages, sizes, personalities and life experiences to suit a variety of people. No experience with horses or ponies necessary and we can help you to make a new best friend in the equine form who will not judge you but enjoy you for who you are !!!"

Standing and Queuing
Generally there is no queuing involved and seating is available if required.
Level Access
We can cater for wheelchairs however the ground is not necessarily flat and can be a little bumpy so if want to do some cross country practice with one we can cater for that too !!
It is a reasonably short distance from our parking area to the tie up area, arena and our sheds so no super long distances involved.
Urgent Toilet Access
We do have a camping style toilet within a shed which is not suitable for wheelchairs due to space however is readily accessible when needed.
Disability Assist Dogs
Assistance dogs are welcome. I have a dog which I take to the paddocks who is very friendly and loves to meet people.
Essential Companions
We welcome any carers or support people the participant needs to have with them and offer family discounts if more than one family member would like to be a part of the session. If you or any other member of the family would be interested in having some horse contact we can certainly include that for a small fee.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
We can inform people of any signs that they need to know about and the majority of our teaching is a combination of explaining why we do things as well as how to do things. Feel is a very important element in what we do and very much helps in forming a positive partnership with The Horse.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
We can provide a visual element to our teaching and guide people when take part in any of our activities. We are unable to provide sign language interpreters.
Hidden Disabilities
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