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Joe's Garage Rolleston

General Information

57 Tennyson Street, Rolleston 7614

03 662 9769

Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change

Monday to Sunday: 7.00am – 9.00pm

Joe's Garage Rolleston is the newest addition to the Joe's family and it's a place where everybody can come to any time of the day to have fun, catch up with friends and enjoy fantastic food and drink. There is a great variety of seating from booths to high tables, but if you have a preference please book early as otherwise we cannot promise to give you what you want. There is parking at the rear of the building. For more details go to our website:
Notes for Cardholders

At present we don’t offer any discounts to cardholders. However, what we can assure you of is that our team will make sure that you have a great time when you visit us.

Standing and Queuing
We offer table service, so there is no need for you to order at the counter and wait. The only time you would need to stand and potential que is to pay, but we are happy to do that at your table if you let us know.
Level Access
Our entrance has large double doors so there will be no problem getting access. If opening the door is a problem and we don’t see you, call us when you are there and we will come and assist. The premises is on one level so no nasty bumps or stairs to get in your way. To ensure that you get the most suitable seating please book, as we do get busy. There is accessible parking at the rear and also across the road just by the library
Getting to Joe’s Garage Rolleston is easy with good accessible parking close by, and a bus stop just opposite. We do have a rear entrance that is usually just used for get stores in and out, but if you think the distance from the accessible parking at the rear is too far give us a call and we will open up that rear entrance.
Urgent Toilet Access
We have two standard toilets and one accessible toilet. There isn’t usually a queue, but if you want the assistance of one of the staff to ensure that you are not delayed just let one of us know. Worth noting that there is an accessible toilet with a hoist in the library just across the road.
Disability Assist Dogs
We welcome assistance dogs, but they do need them to be officially registered. We are able to offer them a bowl of water.
Essential Companions
There is no requirement for an essential companion to purchase any food or drink, although we cannot say that they won’t be tempted
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
As well as having a written menu for you to read at the table, we also have the menu on our website with pictures. That means that you can check it out before you visit, or even get it up on your phone and zoom in. However, you access our menu the staff will be available to talk to you about it and help you make a decision.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
We are aware of the NZ Relay Service so please think of that as an option when making a booking, or even when placing your order. Your server will aim to communicate with you in a way that will best assist you to understand what is being said and will be happy to use pen and paper.
Hidden Disabilities
We understand that if your card has this icon, you have other needs not covered under the other icons, so we will simply ask you what we can do to make your time with us at Joe’s Garage a great one.
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