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Urban Espresso - Te Ara Ātea

General Information

56 Tennyson Street, Rolleston 7614

03 324 4122

Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change

Urban Espresso brings plenty of taste to Te Ara Ātea. Manu and Paul are the faces of Urban Espresso - Te Ara Ātea. You might recognise them as the Selwyn-based team behind Suburban Eatery in Leeston, Urban Eatery in Barrington and Cashmere and Urban Espresso on Moorhouse – as well as the renowned Canterbury catering brands the Social Platter Co. and Catering Collective. Fitting with their community focus, they are proud to be local – enhancing the amazing modern spaces within Te Ara Ātea. Urban Espresso - Te Ara Ātea cultivates a style of understated sophistication with a sleek, simple design and relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy fresh food produced in their Leeston-based kitchen, top-notch coffee and trademark service. Urban Espresso - Te Ara Ātea is open during library hours – perfect for your Sunday browse or afterschool visit.
Notes for Cardholders

Standing and Queuing
Te Ara Ātea is equipped to support customers who have difficulty walking or standing within the facility. Car Parking is available to the side of the facility so limited walking is required to reach the café (less than 50m). There is a variety of seating near to the café with plenty of room. We are more than happy to assist you with your order while seated, rather than at the counter if it is easier for you. Just let us know as you pass by showing the card or wearing a Hāpai Access Card lanyard,
Level Access
The café is accessible for those who use wheelchairs both powered and non-powered with plenty of room between seating. There is accessible parking directly beside Te Ara Ātea and more in the main parking area. There are no steps at either the Tennyson or Town Centre entrances so it is accessible for wheelchair users. Te Ara Ātea has two accessible toilets on the ground floor, one with a hoist.
The café is only a short walk from the accessible parking just off Tennyson Street. There is also a bus stop on Tennyson Street a similar distance from the accessible parking.
Urgent Toilet Access
There are a large number of toilets in the bathroom complex on the ground floor located about 20m from the café. For customers that may need urgent access to the toilet, the Te Ara Ātea staff will enable urgent access to any toilet, with no questions asked. In addition to public facilities, this includes locked staff toilets and accessible facilities for times when privacy is preferred.
Disability Assist Dogs
Te Ara Ātea allows and welcomes assistance dogs to accompany their owner into our facility. If your dog is thirsty, please let us know and we would be more than happy to provide a bowl of water. Dogs that are not trained as assistance dogs are not permitted in the facility to prevent interference with assistance dogs. Te Ara Ātea staff will let you know the most appropriate place for the dog to go to the toilet.
Essential Companions
Obviously there are many people that visit Te Ara Ātea that don’t buy drinks or food from us, so a carer or essential companion need not feel under any pressure to make a purchase.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
We display the drinks menu on a large board suspended at the back of the café. As an alternative we can give you a menu with large print and/or talk you through the options. We will be patient so don’t feel in a rush.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
Our staff are aware to look at you while we are speaking. We will slow down and speak clearer, enunciating and at a higher volume if we see it is required for you to hear or lip read. Our staff can offer you pen and paper to communicate with us if that is best for you. We will be patient so don’t feel in a rush.
Hidden Disabilities
Our staff will ask you what we can do to help and will follow your lead. We are more than happy to assist you, so please tell us anything that we need to be aware of to ensure you have the best possible experience in our café.
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