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Fully Certified

Boulder Co.

General Information

33-47 Northside Drive, Westgate,
Auckland 0814

09 212 2007

Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change

Monday – Friday 6am – 10pm
Saturday & Sunday 9am – 8pm

Community, sustainability, inclusivity and social responsibility. These four things are the cornerstones of how we choose to do business here at Boulder Co. Born from the vision to create a world class Bouldering, Fitness and Café facility in Auckland, Boulder Co. was created in a way that not only broke from the norm in scale, and wall design, but also in our approach to business. Our gym is designed to foster the next generation of climbers, while providing support, a fantastic climbing experience, and a social hub for users of all skill levels and backgrounds
Notes for Cardholders

We are so keen to have you here that we have a tremendous offer for when you wave that Hāpai Access Card at us: $2 off any standard entry - Free gear hire – climbing shoes and chalk – all you need to get on the wall! Plus if you have the “+1” symbol on your card your essential companion gets free entry. If that wasn’t enough to make you feel welcome we are going to give you 20% off hot drinks in our cafe! Now with all that good stuff how can you stay away?!

Standing and Queuing
Queuing should not be an issue. If there is someone at the counter just take a seat in the ground floor cafe area and wave your Hāpai Access Card at us and we will come to you.
Level Access
Ok, let us be honest, bouldering in a wheelchair is a challenge, so you are going to have to leave it behind! We don’t have any pulleys or ropes that would assist your bouldering because then it wouldn’t be bouldering. So you will need to be able to climb with just your arms. If you are cool with that, then go for it. We don’t have enough staff to provide you with a dedicated support person, but we are a community, and we would look to find you a buddy. If you have a “+1” barrier icon on your card, your essential companion will get free entry. Our soft pads are not able to accommodate a wheelchair. When considering bouldering it is important for anyone bouldering to only climb as high as they are comfortable with, falling off is all part of the activity, as the mats do not guarantee a safe landing. We provide a personalised safety briefing including fall practice for every new climber, and whilst we cannot provide a team member to work with you for the duration of your visit bouldering is a social activity and we would look to introduce you to a buddy. If you have a “+1” barrier icon on your card your essential companion will get free entry. In terms of getting around, wheelchair access is good in most parts of the ground floor, but there is one area that might be a squeeze if you have a particularly wide chair. There is accessible parking right outside the entrance.
We have two accessible parks directly outside our door. If you are riding the bus to us, the nearest bus stop is 500m away, slightly downhill from us. There is plenty of seating in facility, particularly in our cafe!
Urgent Toilet Access
There are two accessibility bathrooms with showers (male and female), three extra toilets in each gendered bathroom and two separate gender-neutral toilets throughout the facility.
Disability Assist Dogs
Certified assistance dogs are permitted. Unfortunately, all other dogs must remain outside (we have a large area by the bike racks where they can wait).
Essential Companions
There is no charge for an essential companion entry. We just need to see that “+1” icon on your Hāpai Access Card. It is expected that this person (essential companion) will assist the cardholder at all times as required.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
There is a fair amount of visual information in the facility. Our friendly team of staff can help with menus and pricing descriptions. Bouldering with a +1 or buddy can be useful as they can help to keep your landing zone clear and help you identify which color you are holding.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
Bouldering is something you can't really rush. We like to get to know our customers, so we are used to taking our time, please be assured that we will take our time with you to explain ourselves. Unfortunately, we cannot offer sign language but we have a written list of all aspects we cover in our safety induction.
Hidden Disabilities
We will do our best to help you if you have other disabilities, and we are keen to learn, so help us if you can do better by telling us what might help you have a better experience. Want a quieter time? From 7am to 4:30 pm weekdays are our quieter times. We also run a 'Low Sensory Hour' every Wednesday, 1-2pm where we turn down the lights, turn off the music and restrict any groups from booking in. We like to keep things fresh and exciting so we use Mondays to create new climbs which involves drill use and can be noisy.
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