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Fully Certified

Christchurch Gondola

General Information

10 Bridle Path Road, Heathcote Valley, Christchurch 8022

03 384 0310

Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change

An unmissable Christchurch experience, the Christchurch Gondola offers stunning unique views of the city, Lyttelton Harbour and beyond from our summit station situated atop the Port Hills. A great family-friendly spot to explore for locals and visitors, a visit to the Gondola is a must-do activity. Take in the spectacular panoramic views and see Christchurch from a different perspective: gaze at the snow-capped Southern Alps, sprawling Canterbury Plains and the sparkling waters of Pegasus Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The summit station offers plenty to entertain: explore the many walking tracks and wide-open spaces amidst fresh air, learn about the history of the area on the Christchurch Discovery ride, and indulge in a spot of shopping at our well-priced gift shop. Sit back and take in the fantastic views with a drink, snack or meal from the licensed Red Rock Café. Our 4-seat cabins are allocated per group to ensure exclusivity for your Gondola ride, and the changing weather and seasons mean a different view every time you visit.
Notes for Cardholders

A 20% discount also applies for the cardholder upon presentation of their Hāpai Access Card. This discount does not apply to combo tickets or Annual Passes.

In line with providing a reasonable accommodation for disabled people, the Christchurch Gondola gives a free ticket for an essential companion/carer where the card has the “+1” icon. However, where the cardholder is an infant, and therefore gets free entry, the cardholder will pay the child rate minus the 20% discount.

It is expected that the essential companion/carer will remain supporting the cardholder throughout the visit and assist staff.

From time-to-time the Christchurch Gondola may provide benefits to cardholders and these will be notified on our webpage and through the Hāpai Access Card’s social media channels.

(Note: Holders of a valid KiwiAble Card will get the same discount and essential companion/carer free ticket as described above. The 50% discount on tickets for KiwiAble cardholders and their essential companion/carer no longer applies).

Standing and Queuing
Queuing at the ticket desk is not normally a problem, but if we are busy come to the front and show your card and then take a seat. We will call you over when it is your turn. If there is queue when you need to come down, go to the operator’s station and let them know, then take a seat. The operator will get you when it is your turn. Please note the cabins usually continue to move slowly for people to get on or off. If you feel uncomfortable with that, please let the operators know and they will stop the cabin. If there is a queue at the café, please go to the front of the queue and indicate that you have a Hāpai Access Card and take a seat. A member of staff will come to serve you when it is your turn.
Level Access
The cabins that take you up and back to the summit station have limited access for wheelchairs. The door width of the cabin is 600mm, but most wheelchairs are between 635mm and 914mm. So, you will need to transfer to one of our narrow wheelchairs to travel in the cabin. There will be only room for you in the cabin, but a companion can travel in the cabin in front to be there just before you. (See the video for getting on and off the cabin in a wheelchair). A standard wheelchair can be transported up so you can use it at the summit station but please phone us to check as there are limits in terms of weight and size. Note: powered wheelchairs cannot be transported. At the summit station there are lifts to all floors, but the exit from the lift on level 4 is a tight turn and it may be a problem for wide wheelchairs. There are two ramps to access to the outside viewing area (check out the video).
All distances are short at the Christchurch Gondola, unless you decide to go out onto the Port Hills where there are lovely walks, but the ground is uneven.
Urgent Toilet Access
There are toilets at the base and summit stations. For the latter they are located at level 2 which is the level you arrive at (check out the video).
Disability Assist Dogs
Registered assistance dogs are welcome at the Christchurch Gondola. No other dogs or animals are allowed
Essential Companions
An essential companion/carer will get a free ticket, but must remain with the cardholder to assist as required.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
We have a display of the drinks and food available on a board at the back of the café and items in the cabinet are individually marked. If that is difficult for you to see, or you need some help in understanding what we are offering, we are happy to talk you through the menu. We will be patient so don’t feel rushed.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
Our staff are aware to look at you while we are speaking. We will slow down and speak clearer, enunciating and at a higher volume if we see it is required for you to hear or lip read. Our staff can offer you pen and paper to communicate with us if that is best for you. We will be patient so don’t feel in a rush.
Hidden Disabilities
On seeing this icon our staff will ask you what we can do to help and will follow your lead. We are more than happy to assist you, so please tell us anything that we need to be aware of to ensure you have the best possible experience at the Christchurch Gondola
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