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Fully Certified

Colony Christchurch

General Information

The Crossing - Shop A0.08 Ground 4/166 Cashel Street, Christchurch


Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change

New Zealand gifts, honey, mead, liqueurs, natural skincare and health products.
Notes for Cardholders

Hāpai Access Card Holders get 10% off their purchases.

Standing and Queuing
If there happens to be a queue, wave your card or lanyard, and we will bring you to the front of the line.
Level Access
Our store is conveniently located on the ground level, with easy access for everyone including wheelchair users. In addition, the nearest accessible parks are available in The Crossing carpark. If needed, a lift is also available to ensure a seamless experience. (See Access Tour Video.) The entryway is 2380mm high x 970mm wide
The nearest accessible car park is at The Crossing, which includes lift access if required. In total, the journey from where you park to the store would be around 50m. The Bus Exchange is just across from The Crossings and is less than a 50m walk but does include crossing the road. The nearest seat is outside of the store, and a seat is available on request in the store. (Please check out the access tour for more details.)
Urgent Toilet Access
The nearest toilets (including accessible ones) are at the Crossing car park lobby above the store or at the Bus Exchange which is opposite The Crossing; check out the Access Tour for more information.
Disability Assist Dogs
All disability assistance dogs and emotional support dogs are welcome. We are proud to be pet-friendly.
Essential Companions
Essential Companions are welcome to assist customers in our store.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
We provide a personal verbal explanation of our store and products and can assist with trying items (including tastings).
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
Through the staff's training with the Hāpai Access Card, they know how to modify how they communicate with you. This includes making sure you can see their face when speaking, speaking clearly, use of pen and paper and being patient. The staff are aware of the NZ Relay service, so please use this if you think it appropriate when ringing if needed.
Hidden Disabilities
We welcome all customers to our store. Please don't hesitate to ask for any help; we will be happy to help.
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