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Ferrymead Heritage Park

General Information

50 Ferrymead Park Drive, Heathcote, Christchurch 8022

03 384 1970

Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change

"Inspired by the railway line installed in 1863, Ferrymead park is a historic staple of Canterbury today – a place where history comes alive and you have the opportunity to explore the lives of past pioneers transporting goods over the Bridle Path and punters crossing the river to Christchurch. Established on the park are restored cottages, school houses–even a church and many minor businesses that give you a taste of what life was like in the early 1900s Edwardian township. Ferrymead is incredibly favored by many, including families looking for a day adventure, schools, youth group socials, adults looking for a little history and more – the park can be enjoyed by all. There are exhibitions to be toured and restored displays and collections that are open for viewing – so get right on the Ferrymead train! We would love to have you visit." Opening Times - Ferrymead Park is open from 10:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m, seven days a week. Trams run weekends, school holidays and public holidays, but there is a charge – family prices available. Ferrymead is a large site, and if you wish to explore as much as you can, you will cover a fair distance.
Notes for Cardholders

"We are used to having individuals or groups with disabilities at Ferrymead Heritage Park. However, unless you are a regular visitor to Ferrymead, we would appreciate a call beforehand to make us aware of your current disability so we can work with you to have the best experience at our facility.

Hāpai Access Card Holders - Adults: $8.50, Seniors/Students: $6.50, Child: $4.50.
Essential companion as shown by the “+1” icon – entry is free."

Standing and Queuing
Queuing should not be an issue at Ferrymead Heritage Park.
Level Access
If in a wheelchair, your entrance to Ferrymead Heritage Park should run smoothly, along with your trip throughout the day. There are accessible parking spaces close to the entrance with a slightly tight corner to navigate. Ferrymead Heritage Park assures you that your experience at the park will be in no way hindered by wheelchair access. Trams are potentially not available for those that require a wheelchair. If you aren’t travelling by car, you can take the bus which stops at Martindales Rd near Truscotts Rd. This bus will leave you with a 650m walk to the Ferrymead Heritage Park. The Ferrymead Heritage Park staff are used to helping those with a disability get the most out of their visit. If you come across any limitations during your visit, please accept the staff’s decisions about what is possible and safe.
There is a short distance between the accessible parking spaces provided and the entrance; however, Ferrymead Heritage Park is spaced out and does require a significant amount of walking. Wheelchairs are available at reception for those with this icon on their card, but you will need someone to push you unless you usually use a self-propelled wheelchair. Please reserve a wheelchair before you come as they are limited.
Urgent Toilet Access
Ferrymead Heritage Park is all on one level, which also applies to the toilet facilities. They are wheelchair access friendly.
Disability Assist Dogs
Certified assistance dogs are permitted in the Ferrymead Heritage Park.
Essential Companions
There is no charge for an essential companion to enter the Ferrymead Heritage Park with a cardholder. If the cardholder pays to take a tram trip, there will be no charge for the essential companion. It is expected that this person will assist the staff when asked.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
The Ferrymead Heritage Park staff are used to assisting people who have difficulty accessing visual information so ask for assistance if needed. However, you will spend much of your time at the Park without a staff member present, so you may want to be aware of this. Much of the visual information is looking through windows at scenes created by the Park, and if you need assistance in understanding what is on display, a staff member may be able to be present and describe it to you.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
The staff at the park are used to assisting people who have difficulty accessing audible information, so you need not be concerned. However, when you are travelling around the park as an individual, there may not always be a staff member on hand to assist.
Hidden Disabilities
We will do our best to help you if you have other disabilities, and we are keen to learn. Please help us do better by telling us what might help you have a better experience at Ferrymead Heritage Park.
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