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Freedom Mobility

General Information

10 Wall Road

064 9 869 3976

Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change

"Freedom Mobility Vehicle Rentals is a specialist mobility vehicle hire company with an extensive range of rental cars and vans specifically adapted to meet the needs of disabled drivers and disabled passengers. Our modified vehicles are available for as long as you need them – from one day hire to long term lease. And, our meet and greet service brings the vehicle to you and provides full instruction."
Notes for Cardholders

Access Card accepted as proof of access requirements

Standing and Queuing
We bring our service to our clients. Once the hire is confirmed we contact our client and arrange to drop the vehicle off in a location convenient to them, most often their home or the airport. Should the client choose to pick the vehicle up from one of our offices, there is plenty of seating available. As a specialised car rental agency, we do not have queues to stand in.
Level Access
As a service designed to help those with limited mobility, we have many different options for those in wheelchairs. All our vans have hoists or ramps in the rear or side allowing the wheelchair user to ride in the rear. We also have a few cars that have been specially modified so wheelchair users can drive it from the chair and another few that they could transfer from their chair the driver’s seat.
Urgent Toilet Access
Our offices have bathrooms readily available.
Disability Assist Dogs
We allow all animals in our vehicles including assistance dogs.
Essential Companions
When we match our vehicle to the client one of the questions we ask is if they have a carer that will need to travel with them and choose a car based on that information. We also schedule the demonstration on how to use the hoist/restraints to include the carer whenever possible.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
Whenever we communicate with our clients, we both email and call them to ensure they have all the information they need.Whenever dropping off a vehicle we also give a demonstration on how everything works.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
Hidden Disabilities
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