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Fully Certified

Habitat for Humanity ReStore - Christchurch

General Information

189 Waltham Road, Sydenham,
Christchurch 8023

03 420 4342

Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change

We run a range of programmes to ensure families can access the safety and security of a decent home, ranging from Progressive Home Ownership to Home Repairs.
Notes for Cardholders

Standing and Queuing
We are equipped to support customers who have difficulty walking or standing within our facility. Carparking is available directly outside the ReStore doors so limited walking is required to reach us. If there are queues for the counter, please wave your card at us and we will serve you as soon as possible by processing your transaction at the nearest seating.
Level Access
Our ReStore charity shop is accessible for those who use wheelchairs. There is accessible parking directly outside. Staff are very vigilant about obstacles that could obscure access. In the event of an emergency, we have a wheelchair-accessible fire exit and trained staff who will assist you to get out of the building.
Our friendly staff can assist you by describing the location of specific shop categories, and help you to find your way around the store. We have a range of seating throughout our store and if you need assistance retrieving what you need please let us know and we will happily assist you.
Urgent Toilet Access
We do not have public toilets but we can offer access to staff toilets (not wheelchair accessible) if you have this icon.
Disability Assist Dogs
We welcome disability assistance dogs to accompany their owner into our shop. Dogs that are not trained as disability assistance dogs are not permitted in the shop to prevent interference with disability assistance dogs. If your dog is thirsty, please let us know and we would be more than happy to provide a bowl of water. Our staff will let you know the most appropriate place for the dog to go to the toilet.
Essential Companions
Our ReStores are free to visit. For those of you who require an Essential Companion for assistance in our shop, you are both welcome. Our friendly staff will be on hand to assist you with anything you may need including a quiet space to sit or directions around the shop.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
Through the training that the staff have done with the Hāpai Access Card, they know how they need to modify the way they communicate with you and how they can assist you if you are blind or have low vision. This includes describing the shop layout to you or guiding you and helping you where required.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
There is visual information available within the shop for finding your way. Our staff can offer you pen and paper and communicate with you through writing and reading if required. Our staff are trained to look at you while we are speaking to you. We will slow down and speak more clearly if we see it is required for you to hear or lip read.
Hidden Disabilities
Through the staff's training, they are generally aware of hidden disabilities. Please speak to them about how they can assist in making your time with us extraordinary. They can advise on a place to sit, lower the music level, and turn lights down or off, etc.
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