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Hanmer Springs Forest Camp

General Information

243 Jollies Pass Road

(03) 3157202

Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change

"Established in the early 1950s, Hanmer Springs Forest Camp was originally used as a base for the New Zealand Forest Service timber treatment plant. Now it is a haven for schools, wedding events, conferences, friends, individuals and family holidays – anyone is welcomed, and the staff are excited to see you! The camp is located in a prime spot as many of the most popular bike and walking trails run right up close to the site – allowing easy access to some of your favorite activities. It’s also in the town of the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools, animal parks and boutique shops/cafes, all there to make your trip the best it can be. Hanmer Springs Forest Camp is idyllic and picturesque, providing a range of different accommodation styles such as family or bunk rooms, five self-catering kitchen/lounge rooms, a fully accessible lodge and a large campground. You also have access to incredible views whilst you are there. We regularly have individuals and groups of people with disabilities at the Hanmer Springs Forest Camp, and the staff are used to helping you make the most of your visit. We pride ourselves on this inclusivity and have always made it a priority at our facility. Accommodation information Here at Hanmer Springs Forest Camp, for those thrill-seekers, make sure you also try out the Vertical Drop and the Leap of Faith! Ensure your group wears comfortable loose clothing and closed-toe shoes – sandals and jandals are not suitable for climbing."
Notes for Cardholders

We are used to having people with disabilities at Hanmer Springs Forest Camp – we pride ourselves on our ability to cater for you here. Each lodge is designed in a specific way that is wheelchair inclusive and easily accessible for disabled individuals. If you have any additional concerns, let the camp know prior to your visit. We also realise that having a disability often means extra living expenses and not having so much free cash. As we are eager to have you here at our facility, we offer discounted rates:
Ensor Lodge Cabin: Adult $32, child $16 per night.
Forestry Hut (Twin Hut): Adult $30, child $15 per night.
Forestry Hut (Double Hut): Adult sole use $50, Two people in shared cabin $72.
Self-contained unit: $120 per night (for two adults), additional adult fee is $24 and additional child fee is $17.
Support persons receive the same discount on their stay unless they are day visitors.
We hope these discounts make your holiday planning easier and more stress-free!

Standing and Queuing
There will be no need for queuing or standing at the facility if you aren’t capable. You’re provided with your own rooms and lounge rooms for your comfort.
Level Access
Hanmer Springs Forest Camp is incredibly accessible to all abilities – we have made sure of this. All family style cabins at the Ensor Lodge are wheelchair accessible. The Abilities lodge is specifically made for individuals with disabilities – there are 18 beds, and 2 of the beds are hospital style. The self-contained units are also wheelchair accessible. There are wheelchair-accessible showers and toilets in all of these accommodation areas. Forestry huts and bunk cabins are not wheelchair-accessible (including their bathrooms).There are ramps leading up to the lounges, and the trails that leave from the camp are all flat and wide.
You can park directly in front of the self-contained units and the Abilities Lodge. Everything else, you can get close, but not right outside.However, there are no short distances you must walk if you’re concerned then we would suggest finding a mode of transport such as a wheelchair.
Urgent Toilet Access
There are two wheelchair-accessible toilets in the family cabins, one in each self-contained unit and the same in the Abilities Lodge. Toilets anywhere else aren’t wheelchair friendly.
Disability Assist Dogs
Certified assistance dogs are permitted in the centre.
Essential Companions
There is no charge for an essential companion. It is expected that this person will assist the staff when asked. An essential companion when using accommodation here at the camp can use the same discounted rate that we offer the cardholder. However, if you are a support person during a day visit, your entry is free of charge.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
We often have visually impaired visitors at the camp. The staff at the centre are used to assisting people who have difficulty accessing visual information. They will help you understand any information you may need, so you need not be concerned.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
We often have hearing-impaired visitors at the camp. The staff at the centre are used to assisting people who have difficulty accessing audible information. They will help you to understand any information you may need, so you need not be concerned.
Hidden Disabilities
We will do our best to help you if you have other disabilities. We are keen to learn, so help us do better by telling us what might help you have a better experience at Hanmer Springs Forest Camp.
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