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Fully Certified

Hello Dolly Boutique

General Information

86 High Street, Leeston 7632

027 298 5743

Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change

Hello Dolly is a modern fashion boutique featuring an exciting range of local and international designers. We’re all about providing exceptional service, quick delivery, and regular new drops from the brands you love.
Notes for Cardholders

Standing and Queuing
There is only one person serving in the boutique at a time so you may have to wait. However, we have a lovely couch to sit on, or we will get you a chair if the couch is too low.
Level Access
The shop is an old building and therefore the front entrance has a big step. There is level access via the side. Please phone the shop to arrange entry. The shop is not very large and therefore due to health and safety considerations with respect to other customers we cannot permit large powered wheelchairs.
There is usually parking spaces on the main street close to the entrance of the boutique.
Urgent Toilet Access
We do have a toilet but access is limited. If it is in use and you have an urgent need there are places nearby that will be happy to let you use their toilets e.g. Lakelands Art Gallery.
Disability Assist Dogs
A registered assistance dog is welcome in the boutique and it can be left with us while you try on items.
Essential Companions
Nothing applicable.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
We aim to provide exceptional service to all our customers and will be happy to spend time with you helping you select items and describing them to you.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
To assist you in your shopping we will slow down and speak clearly, enunciating and at a higher volume if they see it is required for you to hear or lip read. We can offer you pen and paper to communicate with if that is best for you. We will be patient so don’t feel in a rush.
Hidden Disabilities
When we see this icon we will ask you what we can do to help and will follow your lead. We are more than happy to assist you, so please tell us anything that we need to be aware of to ensure you have the best possible experience at the Hello Dolly Boutique.
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