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International Antarctic Centre

General Information

38 Orchard Road Christchurch Airport

033 570 519

Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change

"Located alongside the Christchurch International Airport, the International Antarctic Centre is a family attraction - guaranteed to entertain you if you choose to make a visit. Here at the centre, you get the opportunity to be taken on a ride in an all-terrain vehicle tour, to get alongside penguins and huskies - all while learning about expeditions through history and the future of humanity on the ice! The Antarctic Centre continues to amaze with an ice tour featured in a 4D theatre that makes you feel as if you’re right there. There are endless opportunities for discovery, and the centre can’t wait to let you in! There are 7 different experiences here at the Antarctic Centre including the Storm Dome, the Hagglund Field trip, penguin rescue, the 4D theatre mentioned above, Antarctic Gallery, Generation Antarctica and lastly, the Antarctic Academy Programs. More information on these adventures is detailed on the centre’s website. We also offer school holiday programs and birthday parties if you have adrenaline filled, restless kids! Here they will learn all about the first brave explorers, play games and make memories. The Centre is invested in educating the next generation of explorers on the Icey environment that is Antarctica. So come along whether you’re a family, a group of friends or an individual eager to learn - we would love to have you!"
Notes for Cardholders

"We are used to having people with disabilities at the Antarctic Centre. However, if you are concerned and wish to communicate with us so you have the best experience possible, you are welcome to ring and our staff will happily assist. Here at the Antarctic Centre we acknowledge that many are short of cash, therefore we provide a discount for Hāpai Access Card Holders: On direct bookings only, you receive 20% off all ticket prices and if you’re bringing a support person along, we can allow them into the exhibit free of charge!"

Standing and Queuing
Much of the Antarctic centre is walking - we can provide you with a temporary wheelchair if this is more convenient. The queues for the Hagglund aren’t long - and no worries if you miss it as there’s always the next one 20 minutes later! During your visit to the storm room, we’re happy to place a chair inside and you can make your way inside and enjoy the cold breeze from the comfort of sitting down. The 4D movie theatre is completely seated.
Level Access
The entire building can be made wheelchair accessible, although for some areas of the centre you will need to let staff know upon your visit that you will be needing assistance - these include the Hagglund (you cannot take a wheelchair on board, however our staff are happy to assist you in getting on in any way possible so you can have the experience and return to your wheelchair once it’s over) and additionally, the penguin viewing which is located down four small steps. There is both a lift that goes close to this and also a back way to get there. You will need to ask staff about what would work best for you. The 4D theatre is perfect for you! The back row is the wheelchair accessible section - and they can take some of the higher parts of the seats in front of you off so you can get the best view possible!
There are parking spots (3) available directly outside the entrance to shorten your walk into the building - however as stated above much of your trip will be not seated.
Urgent Toilet Access
There are toilets available at the entrance to the attraction as well as next to the 4D exit for your own convenience - these are all wheelchair accessible.
Disability Assist Dogs
You are allowed assistance dogs right throughout the building - they will be joining our friendly huskies who spend everyday at the center!
Essential Companions
We welcome you to bring an essential companion to help you out as well as join in on the icey fun! We can even offer them a free of charge entry.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
A lot of the educational information is visual so you may struggle with this - however, for the Hagglund they explain verbally the safety instructions and what will be occurring, and you can also access the 4D movie theatre which has a physical experience (Your seat moves, you’ll feel water hit you, there’ll be noise, etc. This provides not just the visual experience but also physical.)
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
Much of the information is visual and the staff are happy to assist you in understanding safety requirements, etc. You may have issues hearing some of the exhibits but that is about all you will miss.
Hidden Disabilities
We will do our best to help you if you have other disabilities, and we are keen to learn, so help us if you can do better by telling us what might help you have a better experience at the International Antarctic Centre.
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