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Lakeland Art Gallery

General Information

80 High Street, Leeston 7632

027 820 3045

Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change

Welcome to our friendly Ellesmere art gallery – Lakeland Art – situated centre of High Street, Leeston and just a 45 minute drive from Christchurch or Ashburton. We have a large street frontage, plenty of car-parking available and wheelchair access. View good quality art in various mediums and forms, featuring local and the wider Canterbury area, artists. Our gallery is managed by the Ellesmere Art Group Trust and manned by volunteers. Art is for sale on a Cash/Carry basis plus we have regular guest artist displays. A separate tutoring area is available for workshops.
Notes for Cardholders

Standing and Queuing
There is no queueing in our gallery, just come in the door and look around! If you need a rest, there are seats throughout the gallery for you to rest in. If they are being used our team will find you another chair from the workshop room.
Level Access
We have an accessible entrance but often due to security reasons (we are a volunteer run gallery and don't have a large team) that door is locked. We recommend coming to the main entrance and making yourself known and we will help you from there.
We are a small gallery and the accessible parking is not far away, so you shouldn't face any problems at our gallery. There is seating spread throughout our space if you need to rest, and we can provide a chair for you if the seats are being used. Please see the access tour for more information.
Urgent Toilet Access
We have an accessible bathroom and a standard bathroom, we have never had a situation where both are used at the same time. Come and chat to on of our friendly team and they will take you to the bathroom no questions asked!
Disability Assist Dogs
Your registered assistance dog is more than welcome! If they need water please let us know and we will provide a water bowl.
Essential Companions
Since our experience is free essential companions are more than welcome like anyone else!
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
We will endeavour to take the time to communicate verbally, clearly and patiently to ensure you fully understand what we are communicating. If you would like to touch a particular item, e.g a sculpture or pottery, please come and chat to us first and we will help you.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
We will write down information, or speak slowly so that you can lip read (if you are able). We don't offer tours or explanations of the art.
Hidden Disabilities
We will ask you how we can help you to best enjoy your time with us!
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