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Lincoln Event Centre

General Information

15 Meijer Drive, Lincoln 7608

03 325 2008

Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change

Monday 8:30am–10pm
Tuesday 8:30am–10pm
Wednesday 8:30am–10pm
Thursday 8:30am–10pm
Friday 8:30am–10pm
Saturday 8:30am–4:30pm
Sunday 8:30am–4:30pm

Just 20 minutes from Christchurch International Airport and the central city, this modern complex has a variety of affordable venue spaces for everything from weddings to community meetings and rock concerts to major indoor sporting fixtures. The Lincoln Event Centre - an exceptional, multi-purpose venue. The Lincoln Event Centre also co-ordinates and hosts a wide range of recreation programmes for all ages. From Baby Gym to Roller Skating, Tai Chi, Spin and Yoga. Court hire is available to shoot basketball hoops, play casual badminton and tennis, etc.
Notes for Cardholders

Standing and Queuing
We will offer cardholders to jump the queue or alternatively find a suitable seat nearby and save their place in the line. If the cardholder prefers we can also find a suitable area away from the crowd where they can they can address their questions. We encourage the cardholder holders to let our staff know of any other way they can help with queuing.
Level Access
The Lincoln Event Centre is accessible by Wheelchair from both front and rear entry. At each end of the building, there are disability car parks to ensure close parking.There is a slight lip on the doors - please be careful with this.Once inside, all rooms are on the ground floor and all doors can be held back with door wedges or hooks. Toilets are through double doors but staff can ensure these are held back by door wedges. We also have a first aid room at the north end of the building which has an accessible shower and toilet located in there.
Staff are happy to assist individuals with their needs. We welcome individuals to call ahead (from their car) and staff can come to their assistance. We have a wheelchair on-site so will grab this to get individuals to their rooms if required. We also have chairs dotted around the building so encourage individuals to sit down and take a break if required.
Urgent Toilet Access
Lincoln Event Centre staff will direct you to the location of toilets when you arrive. There are both male and female toilets onsite and in the north end of the building is a fully accessible toilet with a shower. (see the video)We will enable urgent access to any toilet with no questions asked. The accessible toilet is lockable from inside and releasable from outside in case of emergency.
Disability Assist Dogs
We welcome registered assistance dogs to accompany their owner into our facility. There is a grassed reserve next to the centre where the assistance dog can go to the toilet. If your dog gets thirsty, a water fountain with a built-in dog bowl is located on the reserve (near the building) or staff can find a container for water.
Essential Companions
If you are attending one of our enrollment based or paid workshop, classes or programs; your +1 is permitted to attend with you to assist you free of charge. Please ensure to let us know about your +1 during enrollment.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
The Lincoln Event Centre is a single storied building. Our staff will be happy to assist by orienting you to the signs in the building and helping you understand written material such as the brochures about our programs, classes and events. If the reception are is too busy for you to concentrate let us know and we will find somewhere quieter.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
Please make yourself known to the staff on arrival. If your are attending a meeting, and you use a hearing aid, we have hearing hoop capability in some of our spaces (Nicholas Hall, Stadium and Baylis Lounge) - staff will assist you to get setup. Some staff also know basic sign language so may be able to communicate through this means. Alternatively, we can offer pen and paper and communicate via writing. Room names are signposted, there are directional signs for toilets and emergency exits. When we speak to you, we will look at you and speak in a way that you will be able to understand us. We can offer you pen and paper and communicate with you through writing and reading if required. Brochures about our programs, classes and events are available at the service desk.
Hidden Disabilities
The Lincoln Event Centre is a place for all. We endeavour to create a welcoming and safe environment for our disabled customers, to make you feel included in our community and the activities we offer. Please communicate your needs and staff will do their best to fulfil these.
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