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Fully Certified

Little Andromeda Theatre

General Information

Level 1/134 Oxford Terrace, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8011

021 223 6693

Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change

Performance times vary so please check the website or call.

Little Andromeda is an indie live theatre located on The Terrace right in the middle of the CBD and surrounded by hospitality aplenty. We have several new theatre and comedy shows every single week from local professionals trying out new stuff, to those comedians from Auckland you see on the telly coming down to share their hour of comedy with us, to emerging professional artists doing epic new things. Shows are affordable, averaging $20. Most of them are also short - one hour is the most common run time. It's common for us to do two or even three different shows in one night. We can't wait to welcome you here as a Hāpai Card holder, you can of course just rock up. But if you could take a minute to let us know you're coming and what you require, that would mean we can have everything ready for you and hold you appropriate seats etc.
Notes for Cardholders

We're very happy to offer a free companion ticket (just check the companion box on the accessibility form and we'll sort you). Our ticket prices are otherwise fairly low, but if cost is a barrier don't hesitate to call us to see if we can help.

Standing and Queuing
If the bartender is busy, please flash your Hāpai card to the person in the box office as you take your seat and we'll be happy to serve you at the table.
Level Access
There are two free accessible parks on Hereford Street (type 79 Hereford Street into your GPS to find them) and heaps more in the paid Terrace parking building next door (type 92 Hereford Street into your GPS to find the Terrace Carpark). Get yourself to the Terrace and there is a main elevator on Oxford Lane to get you to Level 1 where we are. The place is notoriously hard to find the first time, however there is a video to watch at and you're also welcome to call me on 021 223 6693 and I can guide you!
There are several ways to access the building so here are the options: 1. Using the Terrace main elevator: it's approximately 50 metres from the Terrace Carpark to the Terrace elevator, then another 25 metres from the elevator to Little Andromeda entrance 2. If you are OK with stairs, there is a (large) staircase at the bottom of the carpark that leads straight to the Little Andromeda entrance. 3. If you're someone for whom every metre really counts, there is another possibility. As well as our main entrance being connected to the main elevator for Terrace Hospitality, we also back on to the office building which has its entrance on Shands Lane (right by Hereford Street or right by the Terrace Carpark). The elevator there goes to the theatre back entrance and we can basically take you straight to the seat, bypassing the bar too. It's best organised ahead of time, so if you'd like to use this option, please mention it in your notes on the accessibility form and we'll phone or message you to arrange. On the night, you'll phone us when you're nearby (or send someone up to grab us) and we'll come down and happily escort you directly to your seat. I'm sorry if that sounds confusing (when you get here for the first time you'll see how hard it is to put directions to the theatre into words!). However, don't worry! We're all super excited to welcome you and help you get in - and usually something like a phone call can help us get you exactly what you need when you need it.
Urgent Toilet Access
We have 1 accessible toilet and 4 standard toilets, all toilets are accessed through the same toilet area door. The accessible toilet is 15 metres away from the standard toilets - follow the hallway.
Disability Assist Dogs
We comply with the NZ law with respect to Disability Assistance Dogs, the staff will offer you water for your dog and will indicate the nearest place for the dog to relieve itself.
Essential Companions
Call us on 021 223 6693, or simply check the "companion ticket" box on the accessibility form, and we'll make an extra ticket appear for them. We're really happy to make sure you don't have to pay an extra ticket for someone who, otherwise wouldn't be attending for the predominant purpose of simply enjoying the show.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
Through the training, the staff are well-informed about adapting their communication and assisting individuals who are blind or have low vision. They can help you with the Bar menu, assist you to a seat and guide you to the theatre / toilet if required.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
Through the training that the staff have done with the Hāpai Access Card, they are aware of how they can modify how they communicate with you. This includes making sure you can see their face when speaking, speaking clearly, use of pen and paper and being patient. The staff are aware of the NZ Relay service, so please use this if you think it appropriate when ringing if needed.
Hidden Disabilities
Through the staff's training, they are generally aware of hidden disabilities. Please speak to them about how they can assist in making your time with us extraordinary. The attached office building out the back is a great place to escape from the hubbub. Simply head through the door into the toilet area, and continue through it into the stairwell. You can either just sit on the stairs, or walk through the other door into the main office building foyer (on the same level, where the accessible toilet is too). There isn't any seating there so feel free to take a stool from the bar through. During the day it's used as an office foyer for all our corporate neighbours, but they generally head home in the evening so you should find it pretty quiet there. If there's anything else we can do to make your trip to the theatre a pleasant one, please don't hesitate to call us or let us know on the notes at
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