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Fully Certified

New Zealand Disc Sports Supplies Christchurch

General Information

Bush Inn Shopping Centre, 364 Riccarton Road, Upper Riccarton

03 341 2251

Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change

Eran and I (Leon) have put together this very exciting company to not only bring you "the same as everybody else" but to do it bigger, better and like never before seen in New Zealand. We are all about growing the sport we love and we plan to grow it at a rate never seen before. Just how we plan to do this, will be revealed as time goes by. To find out what we are up to, you are going to have to check out our Facebook page to stay informed. Or, you will miss out.
Notes for Cardholders

We are happy to apply discounts of 15% on standard stock items for cardholders.

Standing and Queuing
We have a couch and chairs available. You can sit and watch some disc golf on the TV until we can assist you. Would you like a coffee or hot chocolate to drink while you wait?
Level Access
The mall has full wheelchair accessibility with no stairs or restricted areas. Convenient accessible parking is available right outside the entrance in the underground parking area. & available outside Hachi Hachi. However, please be aware that an incline ramp from the underground car park to the mall might present some difficulty for manual wheelchair users. Our store is just a short 20-meters from the underground carpark & 50 meters from the Main entry.
Underground accessible parking is only about 20m away from our store. There is also accessible parking outside Hachi Hachi, which is around 50m from the store. Our store is not big however, if you require a seat, please ask and we will provide one for you.
Urgent Toilet Access
We do not have toilets in our store. However, the mall has both Male & Female Toilets' and Accessible toilets available to the public around 50m from the Store. We are happy to assist by directing you to the toilet if required.
Disability Assist Dogs
We are happy to comply with the NZ law with respect to disability assistance dogs. The staff will offer you water for your dog and indicate where the nearest place is for it to relieve itself.
Essential Companions
Essential companions are more than welcome into our store.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
We are happy to give descriptive information to assist understanding and support.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
Through the staff's training with the Hāpai Access Card, they know how to modify how they communicate with you. This includes making sure you can see their face when speaking, speaking clearly, use of pen and paper and being patient. The staff are aware of the NZ Relay service, so please use this if you think it appropriate when ringing if needed.
Hidden Disabilities
Through the staff's training, they are generally aware of hidden disabilities. Please speak to them about how they can assist in making your time with us extraordinary.
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