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ROBAM Appliances NZ

General Information

31A Watts Rd, Sockburn

03 595 0688

Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change

Since 1991, ROBAM has successively won the only Silver Award of the People's Republic of China for Quality, The Most Influential Brand in China's Kitchen Appliances Industry and China's 500 Most Valuable Brands in this section. Robam has become one of the world's most famous and most popular professional high-end kitchen appliances brands. Robam NZ is the sole distributor and has been in NZ for 7 years. We are committed to creating a good kitchen environment.
Notes for Cardholders

At ROBAM Appliances (NZ) Unicorn Kitchen Bathroom Limited - Christchurch Head Office, we want all our customers to find the products they want and gain satisfaction and friendship. At the same time, we are willing to help our disabled customers overcome the barriers they face and make them satisfied.

Given the people with disabilities are faced with more financial burden, we will offer Hapai Access cardholders 25% off when they buy our products (no discount on installation fees).

Standing and Queuing
Throughout our store we have many chairs available where you can sit while waiting to be served. If it any point while we are serving you you need to sit down or need someone to lean on for a moment, our team will be happy to do that
Level Access
We are so sorry there is a step at the entrance of our store. If you are having difficulty moving within the store, Please wave at one of our friendly staff to come and assist you. Our office looks directly at the front door, so we will see you coming!
We have two customer parking spaces within 20 meters of the store. But no disabled parking spaces. If the parking space is occupied, please call 0305950688 and our staff will help you to arrange your parking. There is also street parking available, but that is approximately 100m from our entrance. Please refer to the Access Tour for more information.
Urgent Toilet Access
We have an accessible toilet with a handrail which you are welcome to use, please see the Access Tour for more information.
Disability Assist Dogs
Assistance dogs are welcome in the store, and we will provide a water bowl if required.
Essential Companions
People accompanying our disabled clients are equally welcome.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
We will help guide you descriptively and offer additional information and support to ensure things are understood and clear.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
We will provide clear visual information and take our time to ensure we understand what help you need. We will make sure the information is clearly communicated on paper where required.
Hidden Disabilities
Our friendly staff are ready to help and support you with your needs! Please advise us if you require any additional support, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. If you are unable to wear a mask within high Covid-19 alert levels, please let us know, and we can assist in creating space for you.
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