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Shotover Jet

General Information

3 Arthurs Point Road, Arthurs Point, Queenstown 9371

0800 802 804

Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change

The only way to experience our Canyons, see their beauty and feel their power, is to come on a journey with us, the world’s most exciting jet boat ride. A unique combination of beauty and power, it’s an experience like no other, blending pristine natural landscape with wall to wall canyon action from start to finish! Take a unique, breathtaking ride through dramatic and narrow canyons at speeds of up to 90 km/hour, and hold on tight for our famous 360˚ spins and more. Speed past rocky outcrops, skim around boulders and zip through dramatic and narrow canyons as its walls tower above you.
Notes for Cardholders

Manuhiri (visitors) with the Hāpai Access Card who require the support of a carer are entitled to one free of charge seat for their Carer when booking directly with Shotover Jet. Bookings can be made directly with Shotover Jet over the phone, in store or via email. The Card User will need to present their Hāpai Access Card either at time of booking or time of check in to be entitled to the one FOC (Free of Charge) seat.
Cardholders should assess their own suitability to ride on Shotover Jet. Cardholder should also familiarise themselves with the Shotover Jet:

Terms and conditions of participation:


Frequently Asked Questions:

and ensure they are physically able to ride on Shotover Jet.

Shotover Jet will verify the Hāpai Access Card to check its validity. Where the Hāpai Access Card cannot be presented, or where it cannot be confirmed as valid, the full rate will be applied to the Carer.
There are no black out or standby periods for the Card User. The offer is valid and accessible to use on all operational days at Shotover Jet, but is subject to booking availability.

Standing and Queuing
We have seating available in our reservations area and also in our retail area. You may take a seat and a member of staff will be available to assist if they require seating.
Level Access
From our car park area, access to our base building to check in your trip is fully wheelchair accessible. If you require further assistance down to our beach area where you will be embarking on your jet boat adventure we have vehicle assistance available or you may wish to drive your own vehicle directly down to the beach area, this must be pre approved by operations and reservations team.
If you require assistance to our beach area, please speak with a friendly member of our kaimahi (staff) who will be happy to assist with one of our transport vehicles.
Urgent Toilet Access
A member of our kaimahi (staff) will advise where the closest bathroom facilities are in relation to our base building and beach area. These can be found half way down the drive with wheelchair access where we also have a picnic area and benches.
Disability Assist Dogs
Dogs are most certainly welcomed! Our Kaimahi are not responsible for the care of the dog beyond providing a sheltered area and we can provide a water bowl.
Essential Companions
If you are unable to get into and out of the jet boat without assistance, you are required to have a support person who are able to get you in and out and they must also be booked on your trip. If you require a support person to travel with you for your jet boat adventure, we will provide them a free ticket if you have this icon on your card.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
Throughout your experience with us at Shotover Jet, we will provide you with visual and audio instruction to ensure your safety.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
Throughout your experience with us at Shotover Jet, we will provide you with visual and audio instruction to ensure your safety.
Hidden Disabilities
If there is anything else you wish to discuss with the team, please let us know and we will accommodate the best we can.
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