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Skyline - Gondola

General Information

53 Brecon Street, Queenstown 9300

03 441 0101

Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change

From a simple roadway up to Bob's peak in the early 1960's to the thriving multi-attraction business that it is today, Skyline Enterprises has a fascinating and fast-paced history. From humble beginnings, Skyline has been constantly evolving. For nearly 50 years now it has pioneered new beginnings while providing Queenstown with a top-quality visitor experience. We have an array of activities for you to enjoy from the Gondola ride up with lunch to walking and hiking, mountain bike riding and our exciting luge ride. We look forward to seeing you at Skyline.
Notes for Cardholders

+1 are welcome to come on the Gondola with cardholder for free.

Standing and Queuing
If you are on your own we would offer you to go to the front of the queue or, if there is a Host available you can be served at the host desk. If you have a carer with you then we would offer you a seat at the front door whilst your carer queues for tickets. In either scenario, once tickets have been issued we will take you through the exit door to the front of the line where you can get on to the Gondola.
Level Access
See link for gondola wheelchair access procedure:
If needed, staff can take you next to the Gondola by going through the exit and in front of queuing guests. If you are then able to be out of your wheelchair then there is no distance to cover to get into the Gondola. There is a single step up at approximately 30cm in height to get into and out of the Gondola. There is an operator on hand to help assist if required. At this point we will have stopped the Gondola to allow as much time as needed with no rush to get on or off the Gondola.
Urgent Toilet Access
We have toilets at the bottom terminal, including a disabled toilet with hand-rail. When cleaning is being carried out the cleaners are under strict instruction that either the disabled toilet be available or the male/female toilets be available thus ensuring toilet accessibility.
Disability Assist Dogs
Assistance dogs are welcome onto the Gondola. There is nowhere within the Gondola for them to relieve themselves, but the journey up or down typically takes no longer than 4 minutes. If they do happen to relieve themselves then that is also no problem. We will simply remove the Gondola from rotation, clean and sanitise the Gondola and then place it back into rotation.
Essential Companions
A customer needing assistance is entitled to 1 carer free of charge.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
Our staff will be happy to give information verbally. Our Gondola operator is also on hand to verbally assist customers onto and off of the Gondola. The top and bottom Gondola Operators are in verbal communications via radio to transfer any specific information should it be required.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
We have signs at each point of sale and large TV screens promoting all the products that we have on offer. Additionally, we can always write things down to any question that may be posed to us.
Hidden Disabilities
On seeing this icon our staff will ask how they may best assist you. All Cableway operators are trained to help out in many different situations because we literally have all the guests come through this department. We have multiple languages also on site if translation is required. There is very few situations that we can't overcome to get customers up the Gondola, and to enjoy a favourable experience. Our Cableway team has personnel in excess of 30 years with Skyline so we typically have an idea for most scenarios.
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