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Stellar Driver Training

General Information

022 679 3742

Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change

Providing quality driver training for car drivers in west Christchurch and east Selwyn. Learn to drive, check your driving is test-ready, or enroll in a Defensive Driving Course.
Notes for Cardholders

We offer 10% off public advertised fees.

Carers are welcome to attend DDC with their charge, no cost. They will be welcome to achieve the qualification themselves for a payment of $100 (course is $175 normally) to cover materials and an individual driving lesson they will need themselves, in order to qualify. This is not required to attend with a charge for their care, an option only if they wish to achieve the DDC themselves.

Standing and Queuing
Our instructor will physically assist you into and out of the vehicle for driving lessons. For classroom lessons, we will provide chairs with arms where possible at the venues, and assist you physically if not possible.
Level Access
Classroom courses are held in accessible venues when requested, and for individual driving lessons we are happy to do this in your own modified car, or if you can drive a non-modified, we will assist you in any way needed, to get from your wheelchair into our vehicle's driving seat and back
Our instructor will provide an arm, or push a wheelchair, whatever your need, to get into the vehicle, or for classroom sessions, to get from your vehicle into the venue and back.
Urgent Toilet Access
We know where publicly-accessible toilets are and will direct you to the nearest one if on a lesson and urgently requiring one.
Disability Assist Dogs
Your assistance dog is welcome in the back seat of our vehicle, but you must provide your own animal protection seat-belt harness to keep your dog safe in the event of a crash.
Essential Companions
Carers and interpreters may attend lessons/classroom sessions with you at no additional charge. If your carer wishes to achieve a Defensive Driving Qualification themselves while assisting you to achieve yours, they can do so for $100, normal fee for the class is $175.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
We can talk through paperwork that we complete in driving lessons, and for Defensive Driving Courses we will assist in any way possible, eg showing you video clips before your session and talking through what is happening in them, so that when they are shown in class you recognize them and what is going on, to participate in class discussions. While PowerPoint is used in classroom, all information is also provided verbally.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
Our instructor will speak slowly and clearly, and/or use visual or written information wherever possible.
Hidden Disabilities
Just let us know what you need! You deserve access to driver education, and we will try our best to make sure you can get it without barrier
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