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Fully Certified

Zone Bowling Garden City

General Information

15-21 Iversen Terrace Waltham

03 668 3267

Opening Times - Check before visiting as might change

"Zone bowling offers many opportunities to have a thrill seeking and exciting day,filled with competitive entertainment for all.Zone Bowling encourages you to bring along your friends, families, neighbors oreven co workers, and have a ball whilst competing in the challenging game ofbowling. Open for all ages and abilities, zone bowling welcomes you !It’s also time to prepare for battle as you partake in laser tag - another facility thatZone Bowling provides! Score as many points as you can within the time limit bydirecting your gun at someone else's target vests, immobilizing them for a matter ofminutes. But watch out ! Everyone’s after you too so keep an eye out !You think that’s all Zone Bowling has to offer? Well, you’d be wrong ! Zone Bowlingcontinues to stimulate and provide entertainment for its customers with the Arcadeand Amusement area, set up with a mixture of classic more original gamescombined with exciting new technology. Games include Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump,first-person shooter types, car racing, air hockey tables and more - you’ll never bebored at Zone Bowling Garden City !We pride ourselves here on our inclusivity towards individuals with disabilities, soyou can bowl all night and day here with our facilities. Staff at every venue arepassionate about providing you with the best experience, and will assist you in anyway possible.If you want fun, Zone Bowling is a strike!Session Information (without Hāpai Access Card discount)Here at Zone Bowling you have an option of three different bowling games:Standard Games bowling - this includes just one game of bowling ($16.90 per adult,$14.50 per child)Double Play - When one game won’t cut it, you can always play two ! Friday andSaturday offer a special deal where every person costs a standard admission pricefor two games !Triple Play - from $21.50 you can get three games of bowling from Thursday toSunday after 7pm !Laser Tag additionally offers Standard (1 game), Double (2) and Triple (3) playstarting from $13 per person minimum to $24 per person maximum. Prior tobeginning the game you will be provided with a target vest, laser gun and safetyregulations. You will then proceed into the world of laser tag filled with lights andgreat hiding spots to hit your targets secretly !Lastly you can visit the Arcade and Amusement area and purchase a range ofdifferent arcade values to spend on your gaming pleasure."
Notes for Cardholders

"We are incredibly used to having individuals and groups with disabilities at ZoneBowling, as we delight in giving you the best experience possible despite yourpotential setbacks! There is a page on our website which offers more information onbowling with a disability and what we can do for you - website detailed below.At ZONE BOWLING we are proud of how inclusive we are for all as we embrace ourability to have People With A Disability (PWAD) play at our venues every day andnight of the week! ZONE BOWLING now accepts the Hāpai Access Card. We alsooffer every-day discounted bowling to all people with a disability when visiting ourvenues.The cost for a game is NZ$7, which applies to the essential companion if alsoplaying, but there is no charge if they are assisting.For more details go to our website."

Standing and Queuing
Queuing may occur when lining up to book, if queuing is a problem we suggest booking online prior to your visit.There are seats located right throughout the bowling area, including places to eat, wait for your bowling lane to become free and alsowhen bowling itself and waiting for your turn. Laser tag has seats provided outside the facility.
Level Access
The entire building has complete wheelchair access for every activity you may be interested in. There are also wheelchair parks outsidecloser to the entrance.
The wheelchair parks prevent a shorter distance to walk to enter the facility - getting dropped off could be a good idea if you’reconcerned about this. It should be relatively simple to get from the reception where you book to the bowling area, you’re welcome toask staff for assistance if you find this a challenge - additionally calling before you visit is an option.
Urgent Toilet Access
The centre has multiple toilets available - if you need available access to one at all times, consider ringing prior to visit or speaking tostaff at reception when you arrive so they can arrange this for you. There are wheelchair and disabled toilets available.
Disability Assist Dogs
Certified assistance dogs are permitted in the centre if needed. May need to prove you need the assistance when you arrive.
Essential Companions
The charge for an essential companion who is playing is also $7. No charge if only assisting.
Difficulty Accessing Visual Information
The staff at the centre are used to assisting people who have difficulty accessing visual information understand the rules of games suchas laser tag, and assisting you where needed throughout the site.
Difficulty Accessing Audible Information
The staff at the centre are used to assisting people who have difficulty accessing audible information using visual instructions instead.Majority of games at Zone Bowling are visual so this shouldn’t be a problem. If you need more assistance, you’re very welcome to ask!
Hidden Disabilities
We will do our best to help you if you have other disabilities, and we are keen to learn, so help us if you can do better by telling us whatmight help you have a better experience at Zone Bowling Garden City.
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